What to Look For When Searching Move-In Ready Homes

What to Look For When Searching Move-In Ready Homes

  • Long Realty
  • 09/8/22

At any given time, there are a lot of Tucson and Catalina Foothills houses for sale. If you need your new home to be ready for you to move in, then this narrows down your search somewhat. A home can be considered move-in ready when no additional work on the house is needed in order for a new occupant to move in. Here are some important things to look for in your search for the ideal move-in ready home.

Understand what constitutes “move-in ready”

Houses for sale in central Tucson are move-in ready not just because they are unoccupied and ready to be sold, but also because they are in sufficiently good condition for a new resident to occupy them immediately. Homes that are undergoing construction or renovation, regardless of the timeline, are not move-in ready. Move-in ready homes must have working electricity, plumbing, climate control, and other infrastructure. The paint should be free from cracks and chips. All features should be sufficiently up-to-date for the home to be lived in immediately. Of course, to be truly move-in ready, a home must also fully comply with local building codes and regulations. The home should also be clean and free of debris or other obstacles that would impede a new resident or owner from moving in.

Be aware that the description of a home as “move-in ready” does not mean that the property is necessarily new or freshly renovated. A hundred-year-old historic home can be just as move-in ready as a new newly built home. Also, move-in ready homes do not necessarily need to be aesthetically perfect or fully furnished. However, any move-in ready home will be in suitable condition to be occupied in terms of safety and code compliance.

Have a plan and timeline

Before searching for a move-in ready home, be sure that you know when you plan to move. For instance, if you are not ready to move for another six months, a home that is move-in ready today may get scooped up before then, unless you plan to buy it now and leave it empty for a few months. Think about when you are selling or moving out of your current home, and talk to a realtor to get an idea of what to expect as far as the timeline of your home purchase. Finding a listing, getting approved for financing, and closing the sale can vary in terms of how much time each step takes, so allow for some flexibility in your timeline.

Look for homes that suit your needs

Before looking at homes, you should thoroughly think through - and preferably write down - all of the important criteria. You may want a larger or smaller yard. You may or may not care about having a large porch or a gate at the end of the driveway. Perhaps you would like two or more stories, or maybe a single-story home would be more suitable for you. The more specific criteria you have in mind, the easier it will be to work with a realtor to narrow down your home search. At the same time, you may want to leave some amount of flexibility in your desired home, especially at times when the market is highly competitive. It is definitely advisable, however, to have an idea of your budget and the amount of space you are looking for, as well as your preferred number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Think about what area you would like to live in

If you are searching for a home, you are probably looking within a certain general area. Think about what this area has to offer and what type of home you would prefer to live in. For instance, if you want to live in a more populated area that is closer to downtown, you might search for houses for sale in central Tucson. To live a little further out, you might prefer to look at Catalina Foothills houses for sale. Of course, if you’re still fairly open-minded about the location, a real estate agent can show you some of the available inventory and help you to understand what your options are. There are move-in ready homes throughout Tucson and the suburbs. Sometimes local government websites have information about different places to live within the local area, including neighborhood profiles or lists of homeowner’s associations. You can find a variety of information from sites like the City of Tucson website.

Get a home inspection to ensure that the home is move-in ready

Just because the seller believes that a home is move-in ready does not mean that this is guaranteed. To ensure that the home in which you are interested in is truly move-in ready, you will want to get a home inspection prior to closing the sale. A qualified home inspector can spot issues with the home that you (as well as the seller) may not notice. A home inspection is really the only way to ensure that your prospective home is truly move-in ready. In the Tucson area, you can contact Home Team Inspection Service, House Master, or one of the various other local home inspection services. Inspections will last up to a few hours, if not less, and the cost is typically only a few hundred dollars. This small and relatively painless step will provide you with additional assurance that a home is in fact move-in ready.

Get help from a realtor

When looking for move-in ready houses for sale in central Tucson or hunting for suburban Star Pass and Catalina Foothills houses for sale, you can decide upon the criteria as well as the budget that is best for you. Because you have many different variables to choose from, the process can be a little daunting. Get help from a qualified realtor in order to match your preferences with the available inventory of real estate. A realtor can help you understand what is out there and where to look for your perfect move-in ready home.

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