3 Reasons to Travel to Tucson

3 Reasons to Travel to Tucson

  • Daniel Sotelo
  • 04/3/22

Tucson, Arizona is the second-largest city in Arizona and a paradise for anyone who loves golfing and warm weather. It’s south of Phoenix – close to the U.S. border with Mexico – and features sunshine and comfortable temperatures year-round. Although many like to visit, others have recognized the robust benefits of living here or owning a vacation property in town to get away from the hassle that comes with winter and taking advantage of the city’s varied shopping and dining scenes.

Buying a vacation home in Tucson is the best way to have all the conveniences of your permanent residence while enjoying the refreshing, exciting nature of travel. Tucson is a convenient city to fly in and out of, thanks to the international airport status of TUS. Between the mild winters, gorgeous desert scenery, and luxury properties, it’s possible your visit here will have you buying a vacation home so you can come back consistently. Owning such property in Tucson is also a solid investment as real estate in America’s southwest is rapidly increasing in value.

People all over the country are starting to fall in love with the warm weather and the affordability of properties for the area. If you buy a Tucson home, you’re likely to enjoy a sizable return on your investment even if you sell after just a couple of years. With this in mind, let's explore further what makes this city such a popular city.

Why you should travel to Tucson

Sabino Canyon

Tucson real estate affords you ample opportunities to relish in the natural beauty of Arizona. Sabino Canyon is where you “can see water in the desert” as the area may be in an arid region, but it’s covered in green foliage. You could go for a hike and enjoy the fresh air and exercise, or you could take an hour-long tour in a Sabino Canyon crawler. The area is closed to cars, but the emission-free crawler will take you for an audio tour featuring nine stops. Whether it’s for an hour or a full day, Sabino Canyon allows you to enjoy the area’s impressive landscape.

Food tours

Being so close to the Mexico border, there are plenty of exciting culinary experiences to be had in Tucson. This Tucson taco bike tour is a great way to sample the flavors of local Mexican cuisine while seeing the city. It’s a two-and-a-half-hour tour spanning over three miles and complete with three or four culinary stops. Enjoy sampling local delicacies like Sonoran hotdogs and end the tour a short walk near some breweries where you can cool off with a refreshingly chilled beer. There are many other options for food tours in Tucson – try them all or just find your favorite and go back to those restaurants.

Tucson is also unique in the fact that it’s one of only thirty-six UNESCO designated cities of gastronomy. Tucson was given this distinction for its agricultural heritage, the way it’s creating a sustainable desert food community, and for the incredible TCOG certified restaurants that call the city home.


One of the best features of having a vacation home where it’s warm all year round is you can golf anytime you visit. No matter how cold it is near your permanent residence, you can always count on trading in your parkas for khaki shorts and being able to play eighteen. Tucson is renowned for its golf, and if you buy a vacation property here, you’ll get to enjoy as many courses as you like. Tucson City Golf has a variety of venues to play the sport, including the El Rio Golf Course. El Rio was the original site of the Tucson Open and has been open since the 1930s. The course features over 6,400 yards from the back tees and is a favorite among locals. Another favorite is Desert Mountain. This member-only community has an incredible golf course, as well hiking, horseback riding, tennis, and many social activities for those who live here or have a membership.

What if your trip makes you want to stay?

Catalina Foothills real estate is located on the north side of the city and just south of the Santa Catalina Natural area. Catalina Foothills real estate is increasing in value at a rate that is high for any market in the country. The current median home sold price is $635,000 – up from $346,650 just three years ago. This isn’t to say your Catalina Foothills home will nearly double in value in the three years after you buy, but it is indicative of how real estate in the area is ballooning in value.

Starr Pass real estate is located on the west side of the city near Tucson Mountain Park. It’s closer to downtown and less expensive than Catalina Foothills, making it perfect for young professionals who want to be close to all the excitement of a city. It’s also great for a vacation home for anyone who wants to be close to both dining, shopping, and entertainment opportunities and the gorgeous outdoors of the nearby Saguaro National Park.

Central Tucson real estate makes up most of the real estate in the city. It is less expensive than Catalina Foothills and Star Pass real estate, but it’s increasing in value at a considerable rate, demonstrating just how up and coming the city of Tucson as a whole is. The current median home sale price is $280,500 – up from $175,000 three years ago. Buying Central Tucson real estate is perfect for the investor who wants to buy a relatively inexpensive property that’s going to increase in value quickly. If you’re planning on buying a vacation home in Central Tucson, there are townhomes that don’t require much upkeep and don’t have excessive space, as well as luxury properties worth well over a million dollars.

Ready to buy Tucson real estate?

If you’re ready to start the process of buying Tucson real estate, contact a trusted and knowledgeable realtor like Daniel Sotelo. Daniel is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the local area and will be able to help you get a home in a fantastic location where you can take advantage of all Tucson has to offer. Property values in the city are rising rapidly, allowing you to enjoy your Tucson vacation home for however long you like and then make a great return on your investment when you decide to sell.

If you are interested in learning more about the city or about Tucson real estate, contact Daniel Sotelo for expert guidance today.

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